January 23, 2016

Skiing in Sun Valley with Sarah

We love falling, flailing, and face shots.
Sarah is such a good skier... we had a RAD day together on the mountain. It was DUMPING!
We were having so much fun taking photos in the snow, as we skied down to get on Frenchman's chair, there was a ski patrol telling us we had "ducked under the rope" into a closed run... which we hadn't.  We showed him a picture taken 30 minutes before that proved we were in the clear.
You could say we were #savedbythegram. ;)
I've seen that many parts of the U.S. have been receiving snow this weekend, enjoy it while it lasts and stay safe!

(All images shot on iPhone besides first 2 and bottom set!)

BACKPACK: Parkland 

xo, Hallie

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