February 13, 2016

DIY Salted Watercolor Cards

Spreading happiness and supplying love for others are two things I like to think about and make sure I do everyday. Valentine's Day is no exception! 

After school lately all I've wanted to do is go home and listen to my favorite music and watercolor... Lets just say that senioritis is definitely kicking in. 

My friends and I have pretty much created a "Watercolor Club" and just meet to do art instead of run after school ;). After watercoloring a card with the same idea of wetting the paper and then adding color to get a nice abstract look, I wanted to play with a new concept. I don't know what made me think of salt, but I searched on Pinterest "salt watercoloring." It was a thing!! So I pinned some inspiration onto my Watercolor Board and grabbed some Elmer's Glue and Kosher Salt. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I started creating some cute cards that I will give to friends and family!

Here's a quick outline of how to make cute, Salted Watercolor Cards!

You will need:

Watercolor Paper
Scissors (to cut the paper if desired)
A Baking Sheet (or something that will contain the salt when you pour)
Elmer's Glue
Table Salt
Watercolors & Brushes (a simple Crayola palette is my favorite!)


1. Draw or write a design/message on your watercolor paper with the glue
2. Put your card in a baking sheet so salt doesn't end up all over your table and floor
3. Before the glue dries, pour salt over the glued area, and make sure it covers it all
4. Dip your brush in the water and smother your brush in a color
5. Let your brush paint over the salt and glue
6. Keep playing around with different colors until you get what you want
7. Let dry at least a few hours or overnight so the glue sets and the salt won't fall off!

^^ The water and paint in the XO ran a little bit because I waited too long to choose the colors before the paint dried. Have a rough idea of what colors you want and what look you're going for before you glue!!

XO, Hallie

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