April 24, 2016

You are always exactly where you need to be.

This past weekend I didn't have any plans, it was rainy, and I just wanted to stay inside and catch up on sleep. I ended up getting out of the house and drove around and adventured with my cute friends, Indie and Amy.

Indie and I drove out Croy Canyon in hopes of Amy replying to come adventure with us. Before we got the "go ahead" to go pick her up, we passed her house and started down a street that turned into a dirt road. As we drove up, the hillsides were patched with lupine... the mountain looked purple! (secretly I just wish the lupine would take over all of the mountains and replace the sagebrush ;) So we stopped along the road and hiked up to go play and take pictures in the flowers. A woman was out in the field and turned around when we got out of the car. She seemed like she was the owner of the house just down the road and we asked her if we could take some photos. She said of course we could and offered to take a few of us together too. I was nervous at first if she was going to let us take photos but we were both pleasantly surprised by her response! We stayed a little longer enjoying the flowers and photographing each other on our phones. We ran down to the car and on our way she exclaimed, "You two are so beautiful, have a great afternoon!" As we started driving down the dirt road, the lupine lady was running to meet us. We stopped, rolled down the window, and she told us to open our hands and gave us each a pocket angel and assured us:

"You are always exactly where you need to be."

Indie and I were so moved by this wonderful lady being so sweet to two high school girls who she could have easily blown off. I truly believe that the energy you exert and what you believe to be true becomes your reality. It's most important to spread the love and only the good vibes because why not make others and the world a more welcoming, happy, and lively place?

Life is too short to not surround yourself with people who truly care about you. So smile, embrace, laugh, hug, kiss, grow, love, inspire, learn, and spend time with those who make you feel lucky to be alive.

xo, Hallie

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