May 31, 2016

Cookie + Gus

I've been eyeing this poppy patch for a while, just impatiently waiting for them to bloom. I was so stoked that enough of them had blossomed for these portraits of my English teacher's kids, Cookie and Gus. I love their beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes! Hailey has the best flowers this time of year, and the poppies are just starting to show! There are still so many to bloom and to bring smiles. The light is so warm and bright right now, I am so happy to make more shoots like this happen. Spring brings such good vibes and lots more excitement to create beautiful images!

xo, Hallie

May 30, 2016

Camping at Alturas

With this long Memorial Day weekend, I spent Sunday night up at Alturas Lake in cabins with Amanda and her family! It was so great to re-connect with friends, mountains, and alpine lakes. 

^ I was out so quick, even though the water was crisp, refreshing, but not as cold as we thought it would be.. and I'm the Pisces ;)

the next morning

xo, Hallie

May 28, 2016

Baker Lake

Here are a couple images from today's hike up to Baker Lake with Nicole! We thought we would be able to see more of the water, but we were wrong. Last year around this time the lake was totally thawed, remember these? We still had a great time and enjoyed the warm weather and fresh air! 

^ I spy a tiny tiny human!

BACKPACK || Parkland

xo, Hallie

May 24, 2016

Track Highlights

I followed the track team around to practices and meets this season documenting the highs and lows and everything in-between. I am so excited to share the video I put together as well as my favorite photos. This was a great way to update my portfolio while challenging myself with different, action-filled subjects! Truly a great group of people who strive to be their best athletic selves as well as beautiful human beings!
Track stars and families, images can be downloaded, shared, and purchased (prints) here:

Playing around with the video aspect was a challenge but overall rewarding and fun to reflect on. I have realized that so many moments I photograph could be even more powerful if they had the action and movement that video brings so effortlessly and imperfectly. Really pumped on this... check it out here:

xo, Hallie
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