May 15, 2016

Bruneau Sand Dunes

It has been so beautiful and warm lately so I wanted to get out and go adventure. I texted Amy, Ellie, and Nicole last Monday throwing out the idea that we should plan something fun for the weekend at the Sand Dunes. I got a couple replies but none of us seemed committed. Friday rolled around and Ellie asked, "So we going to the dunes tomorrow?!" We all replied that we should... So we made it happen!

Saturday greeted us and I did some community service at the park painting kids' faces for Arbor Day. We packed up, picked up clothes from Kristine at Lifestyle, and left the valley at 3 pm. Got to the dunes around 5pm and set up our tent. I was so proud of us, we got the tent up pretty quick because all we wanted to do was go play in the sand! We shot for 4 hours and then a storm started to roll in. There was thunder, lightning, and rain so we packed up everything and sat in the car for a while to wait it out and see what would happen. As we packed up earlier that day we kept thinking we had brought so much food, but in hind sight all we snaked on were hummus and carrots, rice cakes, and fruit snacks... We couldn't find the rain cover for the tent (we later found it underneath as we packed up...) and the clouds looked like they were getting closer and darker. After debating for an hour, we decided to pull the plug and make our way home. Just before the sun set and we had decided we would leave, I grabbed Amy to put on a couple more pieces we didn't have time to photograph on the dunes. One truly amazing thing after storms is that the sunsets are always so much more intense and rich in colors. 

Our drive back was one of the most peaceful things I have ever been present in. Amy was playing her Stars (calm music for stargazing) playlist and every so often there would be a strike of lightning that would light up the world. It was like someone turned a light on and I could see further than what the car lights allowed. A little group of lightning would start in the far right corner of the horizon and then one big flash would follow. This kept happening and every single time Amy and I always exclaimed to each other, "WOW! Did you see that?!?" Of course we both saw it, how could you not! 

We arrived back in Hailey and after dropping the girls off, I was in bed at 1:30 am. There's something to be said about being awake when not many other people are. I am a night owl and love to listen to music and edit photos during the latest hours of the day, so being up reflecting and creating is what I crave everyday. Usually after a long day of shooting, and about 300 miles of driving, one would think I would be ready to nest in bed, but the fun-filled day made me more awake and aware. I knew my body needed to rest, but because I had so much adrenaline, I could have stayed up even longer. 

Excited for more adventures like these in the near future as high school comes to a close!

^ Handmade pearl bracelet

^ Handmade cozy River Wrap

All clothing and accessories can be found at Lifestyle Simple Living
A lot of pieces we photographed are from Bali Kristine brought back from her latest trip! She also has new products form Mexico and a bunch of handmade items. Go check her shop out, I know all 4 of us want to go buy everything we photographed :)
Lifestyle is next to Sturtos in Hailey, across from the Advocates.

xo, Hallie

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