May 2, 2016

Monday Evening Picnic with Amy

After track practice on Monday, Amy and I decided that we wanted to do something. We were in search of anything that meant getting out and procrastinating our homework... just a little. We packed up our watercoloring materials and some snacks in my new favorite backpack from Parkland, and drove around Hailey for a while, in search of a pretty spot with flowers and mountains. I had already been to the most popular spot of lupine where everyone had seemed to go, so we deviated and found a spot that was patched with yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot (I looked the real name up, but they pretty much look like sunflowers...) as well. It was Amy's first time up in the wildflowers this spring and boy did we get lucky. When we were up there, I kept thinking how interesting it is that purple and yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel and they happen to grow near each other. I don't think that is an accident by Mother Nature! Idaho is absolutely beautiful right now, what an amazing time to be able to explore. Happy May!

^ Amy and I took a quick break from hiking down... all the purple on the mountains in front of her are patches of lupine!

Backpack: Parkland || Towel: Sand Cloud || Black Camera Tank: QTee Shirts || Pura Vida Bracelets

xo, Hallie

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