July 19, 2016


Wishing Juliette the best as this was the last time I had the opportunity to work with her before she heads off to New York for school. I would say we went out with a BANG! DANG, this girl is good. Watch out for this one... she's already signed in NYC! ;)

Our goal was to make clean images with an edgy mood.
We used a single wall in her house with window light that was coming straight on and just one other light that didn't have an orange-y glow. For most images, the light was bouncing off the white wall to my left that really made her eyes pop. Another few images we tested light that hit her just on her right to lighten up her face up a bit.

When I am looking for light, I am always focused on the iris (the color) and the white. The mood, emotion, and light can always be found by looking at the eyes.

This beautiful turtleneck was made by @danielrsa.

left: bounced light on wall to my left || right: lamp is just barely illuminating her face

xo, Hallie

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