July 21, 2016

Suzi Q. || Senior 2017

This is Suzi Q! She was in town for an ice skating competition from Indiana and I'm so glad we connected and were able to shoot! Her fun, upbeat, and most of all... sweet personality brought so much inspiration to me and contributed to how I wanted to photograph her and what I wanted to show in her portraits. Suzi is strong and beautiful and her light just shines through. I absolutely love these images!

Shooting at the rink on a blue bird day can be tricky, but it's definitely something that can be figured out! The ice acts as a HUGE reflector and can be hard to manage sometimes but if you keep focused on looking for the light in your subject's eyes and/or the area to highlight, it can be super powerful. I tried to use backlight for the images on the ice, but a few of my favorites were right on the line of the shade from the black curtain that hangs over the ice. That's another thing! The black curtain above and the intense reflection of white from the ice can make a complex lighting situation that is really tough to work with (the b&w portrait is a good example of such strong contrasting lights!)

YAY for challenges and working with them to make myself slow down to think about what I'm trying to accomplish! :)

xo, Hallie

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