August 17, 2016

Pearls + Waters

I am photographing a wedding this weekend and wanted to go scout the Copper Basin/Trail Creek area, so Pearl came with me and we made an adventure out of it. Let me tell you, it was an adventure... We stopped by the wedding location and then found some cute spots by the road that I could take the bride and groom for pics before the ceremony. We then stopped at Big Creek Falls on the way back down because Pearl and I have both never been to it, even though it is right here and very popular! We found great lighting, views, and colors. It was perfect golden hour when we started heading down Trail Creek. The road was literally a washboard and I wasn't going anything over 10mph. We must have hit some shell rock because when we pulled over to let someone pass in a turnout, he asked if we needed help and we were so confused. He told us we had a flat on the passenger side and when we got out to look at it, we noticed the back passenger tire was flat too. Dang! The front tire was completely shredded... we were only about a quarter of a mile to the paved road... We got towed an hour and a half later to Les Schwab and got new tires the next morning. So excited that's in our rear view mirror now and focusing on what's coming in the future.

xo, Hallie

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