September 6, 2016

Kai + Emma

These two are best friends so we had to make some fun images for them before Emma left to go home to California. I had so much fun with them, they are naturals in front of the camera and so easy to work with. Not only did we create beautiful portraits for them, but I am excited to use them in my portfolio as well. Shoots like this remind me why I LOVE photographing people and especially seniors. 

We were going for simple, studio portraits but I don't have a studio... (hopefully in the future I will!) In all honesty, we used Kai's white garage with the doors open to let light in from the overcast day. It worked out perfectly and I think we captured light, airy, classic, beautiful portraits. Gotta do what you gotta do! 
I did shoot at my lowest f-stop with my 50mm, 1.4. I knew going into it I would get some softly "out of focus" images but was up to see what these "mistakes" ended up like in the whole set. It's easy to say these pictures are "out of focus" but the picture is still focused, it's just focused somewhere other than where our eyes naturally are naturally attracted. Although it is most pleasing to our eyes to focus on the eyes of the subject, but it's fun to have slightly out of focus images that possibly draw your attention to another part of the image you wouldn't otherwise notice or it prompts you to appreciate the natural, imperfection of the photo. These frames remind us we are human.

xo, Hallie

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