September 10, 2016

Setting Sun

Vanesa and I wanted to do some creative portraits before I left. We kept setting dates and times and then having them fall through. Eventually, we decided on a date and time but had no idea where we were going to shoot. I had a few general ideas... I wanted long grass and fall colors.  
As much as planning a shoot can turn out fabulous, being spontaneous and going where the wind takes you makes you be a new kind of creative; it forces you think on the spot and make the best of wherever you end up. By the end of this shoot I realized not only did we get both the long grass and the fall colors I was going for, but we got a spectacular and colorful sunset that lit up the mountains right before night fell. Fall has some of the best sunsets and colors. Can you tell it's my favorite season? :)
I am proud to be able to show you these portraits of Vanesa that give off a moody style that is a little different from my usual, light, sunny, carefree images. I'm still digging deep to refine my style by letting myself differentiate how I shoot and edit.

xo, Hallie

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