September 8, 2016

Walkin' Around Town

So Georgia and I LOVE flowers and thought this time of year, sunflowers would be perfect to incorporate into our shoot to feature this new backpack from Parkland! They remind us of the sun and summer but they also bring us around to the beginning of fall. This seasonal transition is my favorite of the year. I'm trying to soak it up as much as I can and shoot the heck out of it! :) 

Georgia and I didn't really know where we were going to pull of this shoot. Once we shot out in the open meadows, we decided to head into Ketchum and get some editorial shots of the classic spots in Ketchum we walk by all the time! I love some of the last sets with the brick wall and the rad "EAT MORE LAMB" painting that seems as though it has been there forever... (even though I'm trying to go vegan over here)! I'll do a post about food soon.

Another thing I LOVE is Parkland's new style, The Rushmore Backpack, that is in this post! Not only does it have the laptop sleeve and outside pocket for our little things, but they added two side pockets and a hidden passport pocket! One of the side pockets is perfect for a water bottle but it's not mesh so the bag still looks effortlessly simple and chic. The passport pocket is also great for money or anything little that you don't want to loose in a bigger pocket... like SD cards that I always need extra of! ;)

BACKPACK: Parkland 
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xo, Hallie

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