October 26, 2016

Taylor Straley

I photographed a friend of Taylor's a couple months ago in Sun Valley and at the shoot, we got to talking about where we would be in the fall. Not surprising because SV and Seattle have so many connections, but Taylor lives pretty close to SU! We met up at a super cute business center, Chophouse Row, to make some head shots for her. I am just starting to dip my toes in photographing around the city and meeting up with Taylor was a great start. If felt so good to connect with someone who grew up in Sun Valley who knows that it's both a blessing and a curse to be from there!
She also is getting into blogging, over at The Brass Blossom!

xo, Hallie


  1. Love love love this! Such a blessing and a curse! Thanks so much for the amazing shoot. xx.

    1. You are fabulous, thank you for showing me around and being a familiar face! xo :)


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