November 12, 2016

Madelyn in the U District

I met Madelyn at a scocer game the first week of school when our boys were playing the UW! We hit it off and have been talking about shooting ever since. After finally scheduling a time, we headed off to The Ave in the University District and got some awesome images! Maddie's eyes are entirely the window to her soul. Such beautiful light was reflected in them. This was the first time I had a model have some professional looking makeup done and it was SO worth it! Absolutely spot on. I'm going to have to work with her friend Jenna more often for test and portfolio shoots! ;)

Recently I've been not paying attention to the time of day I shoot. I get out there when I can and this challenges me to make work whatever type of light we have. In Seattle, a moment's notice could give you rain and I've learned not to trust the Weather app. It's better to walk outside to feel and observe what it looks like the day will bring... and then pack a raincoat just in case. So now that I'm paying less attention to time of day, I pay more attention to where I am and what's surrounding me. There are many buildings in the city that have reflective surfaces or that are light colors. If the light hits them just right, you can see it right in your model's eyes and the light brings out the color and dreamy clarity into focus. BAM! No reflector, no problem.

Hair + Makeup: Jenna Mikulich

xo, Hallie
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