December 16, 2016

A Girl Named Pearl

I'm so glad I asked Pearl to get creative with me because she is such a sweet human and one of my favorites to hang around. I love her company and her (super rad) mom used to model, so she's got "photogenic" written all over her genes. Being around creative people makes me more creative so, you guessed it, I'm thinking I need to do more of that!

Something I've realized lately is that I really want to get more into fashion photography and blogging so what do I have to do? Shoot the heck out of it! I asked Pearl if she had anything interesting and "different" to shoot with and she found this vintage Moschino leather jacket from her (super rad) mom's modeling days and I was like, "yes please." Pearl totally rocked it and we had some good laughs, hair flips, and rain for these images. We ended up shooting in her car because it got so cold outside and we realized we wanted more of an edgy look rather than the powder sugar dusted mountains. Who says you can't wear a coat like this in Hailey, Idaho? 

xo, Hallie

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