December 20, 2016

Baking Cup Backdrop

It's easy as (cup)cake(s)! ;)

You will need:

ᐧ Baking Cups (I used Reynolds mini, regular, and large because I wanted a variety of sizes!)
ᐧ Ribbon (my mom has buckets of scraps so we just tied pieces together)
ᐧ Sewing Needle (make sure the eye is big enough to fit your ribbon through)
ᐧ Blue Tape (to not damage your wall when you hang the finished strands)
ᐧ Step Stool (to hang your beautiful strands up!)


1. Thread the ribbon through your needle and leave about an inch or so, no need to knot it
2. Make a knot in the bottom of the long strand of ribbon so the cups don't fall all the way off
3. Take a baking cup and feed the needle through the middle of bottom
4. Guide the baking cup down the ribbon with your pointer and middle fingers so the cup doesn't rip... too much... (the white is much more durable than the foil cups so I tried to use those more often on the thicker, unforgiving ribbon)
5. Vary between size and color of the baking cups until you finish the strand of ribbon (you don't need to make a knot so every cup will stay, they should just stay in place by themselves)
6. Add pieces of ribbon by just knotting them together to achieve the length you desire!
7. Repeat to end with as many strands of ribbon you want. I made 7 strands to fill up the space I wanted and used a whole pack of mini, large, and almost 2 packs of the regular cup size
8. It's going to be "organic" so don't worry if it's not perfect, it's not supposed to be!
9. Dance around in them because they're just as unique as you :)

xo, Hallie
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