December 28, 2016

Holiday 2016 Lookbook

EMBROIDERED TOP: Anthropologie (on sale!) || GOLD STAR HEADBAND: American Eagle || BLACK CHOKER: Nordstrom (on sale!) || HAPPY NEW YEAR HEADBAND: American Eagle || BLACK SEQUIN DRESS: Free People (last year, similar here) || STATEMENT NECKLACE: Forever 21 || RED VELVET BODYSUIT: Target || VELVET BOW SNEAKERS: Italy (see this post)

I hope you are all spending this holiday season with loved ones and your days are merry! Truth be told, I wanted to post this set before I left for NYC on the 24th, but life gets busy and here we are now. I am so excited to share these!

These images were shot in my home and I had a rough idea of what I wanted but these girls made it better than I could have envisioned. In the beginning, I wanted all the backgrounds to be white for that classic studio look so I stayed away from that one red wall in my living room. After we got going and became engaged with the "holiday looks" idea, we said, "Heck! Let's tape the bottom of the backdrop to the red wall and have the baking cups stand out and add to the feel of the shoot!" 
I'm so glad we did.
Sometimes it may take a while, but man, things always work out for the better after playing around with a little idea or quick thought you may have. Let your mind wander and don't be afraid to be wrong. I realized I could do anything I wanted... there is no right or wrong in in the realm of creativity. This was my shoot and I had to make my vision happen.

Learn to make your own baking cup backdrop here!
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