December 10, 2016

Salty Sea Spray

After Madelyn and I shot in the snow, we drove down to the beach at Discovery Park. It was freezinggg but it almost made for a shoot in which I felt more connected to my model.

When people are sick, (or getting sick because it's so cold outside), or in a state of being that puts them off their game a bit, it makes them a little more human and a little more relatable in images. Madelyn was uncomfortably cold near the end of this set of images but it almost makes me like them even more. We've all experienced it, when your fingers are just so cold you can't fist them or you can't force enough energy into them to zip your coat. By the end of the shoot, Madelyn's hands were so cold they couldn't grab anything tightly so that created the soft "ballet" hands I look for. It looks as if your subject is holding or touching something, but they're really not, and that's how we achieve those subtle hand poses because hands are always so awkward!

Hat: Goorin Bros. || Scarf: Zara (last year, similar here) || Vest: Madewell (similar here) || Backpack: Parkland || Shoes: Timberland

xo, Hallie

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