December 18, 2016

Velvet Bow Sneakers

Yesterday I made this backdrop with my mom for a shoot that's happening today. I love how it came out so I grabbed some pics to test the lighting and placement of the strands. I'm going to put together a post soon that will teach you how to make the same thing! It's super easy and will look different every time. Nothing like taking down pictures on your wall to have a little home studio. ;) 

My mom brought these cuties back from Italy and the moment she showed me I fell in LOVE! I have never seen a shoe like this before so I like that they are different. I can't find the specific place where she got them because it was a hole-in-the-wall lucky find, but I did put together some shoes that are similar below. I would say these ones are the closest to what I have!

xo, Hallie

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