January 31, 2017

An Undefined Path

BACKPACK: Parkland

This past Sunday I escaped into the snow with OAR and got to snowshoe up at Snoqualmie Pass. The week prior had been busy... spending the majority of my time in the library writing an essay and keeping up with Spanish lessons that I'm tested on this week. I didn't block out a lot of time (actually any) to journal because I felt so preoccupied and decided school work was the priority... that's what it's looking like this week but I'm hoping to squeeze a recap of my week in there. As far as snowshoeing goes, I have a little metaphor (I'm stoked about!) that came to me as we were debriefing the adventure in the van ride back to campus. Before I get into that though, how AWESOME are those trees?! I caught myself looking up almost the whole time. I had to shoot wide to try to give a sense into the scale of these monstrous creations! Snow capped trees are probably my biggest weakness, so I apologize for some of the monotony of the tree images but I can't help myself. :)

Snowshoeing is a beautiful way to explain a path in life. A snowshoe trail is a perfect metaphor.
It's important to look up from the path and notice where you are and ask yourself if you're on the right path. It's ok to find yourself walking along the "wrong" path and then do what you have to do to get back on the right one.
Just because there are no footprints does not mean you aren't going the right way. You could most possibly be going the exact right way.
In contrast, when there are footprints, that doesn't always mean you are going the right way. There are many ways to get to one spot, or maybe we're not all meant to end in the same spot. That's the beauty. Everyone will end up in extremely different places depending on the path they choose. The path you decide on is the one meant for you and is perfect with all it's twists and turns and uneven terrain. Sometimes your path might make a loop or even take you right back to the place you started, forcing you to retrace places you have already been. And that is just okay. 
We're all going to get to where we need to be.
We have to have trust in the journey.
There is no destination.
The path you take goes on and on. Life keeps going on.
When you realize there is no end point, you can start to understand how incredibly important it is to be
Living in this very moment.
Is happening.
It's happening, 


xo, Hallie

January 26, 2017

SV Snow Globe + 7 Things

HAT: Goorin Bros. || TUNIC: Johnny Was (on sale!) || CHOKER: Nordstrom (on sale!)

Looking back on these images makes my heart freeze... (!) and remind myself how much I love the winter in Sun Valley... only when it's snowing. (Thanks to my cousin, Annie, for these images!)

Sun Valley is fit for a snow globe. It's my happy place. The mountains, the lakes, the snow, and the sun. I mean it is a resort town... it's got to be full of FUN! Going back is honestly just too hard. I don't think I'll be visiting Sun Valley again until the summer when I know I'll have things to do. (This means, yes, 2018 seniors, I will be coming for you! ;) I believe the best thing I can do right now is to travel during my breaks that will grow me by the experience of new faces and places. Being in Sun Valley is just too easy. It's a beautiful home which makes it both a blessing and a curse. This year is a year of transition and falling back into the carefree life back home is not going to push me to make the change I want to see within myself. This transitory school year is not for the light-hearted and I'm lucky to be spending it around people who are willing to talk about how things are going and remind me that there are far better things ahead of us all. The people I'm surrounded by are truly so special. They have so much love to share.

Taking that leap of faith to get back on the place and fly back to where life moves quickly and where you're going to grow takes courage. Getting knocked out of your comfort zone is why it's so hard to keep going. I did not want to come back to Seattle. I cried outside of the TSA entrance for as long as I could. I have flown plenty of times to and from Seattle and Sun Valley, yet I had never felt so miserable to leave a home. My flight kept getting delayed so I stayed outside of security for as long as I could. I cried and I cried and I didn't want to come back. January 2nd was the day I cried so many tears I could probably have swam in them. 

As far as today goes, I've had 24 days where things have slowly started to look up. Listed below are 7 things that I know I couldn't have gotten back to "Happy Hallie" without.

1. Journaling. Counting my blessings. Checking in on my thoughts, emotions, goals and aspirations. I never knew how powerful writing could be. Making lists of what you're grateful for can really start to add up, no matter how forced or uncomfortable it may feel in the beginning. To fill the pages of my journal I had to be present and be fully aware of everything around me and what I was doing... how I was spending my time. I kid you not - some "highlights" from my first "Grateful List" included; "my parents," "the colorful pens I am using to write this," and "my down coat."

2. A schedule. As much as doing the tedious worksheets, reading, and essays may be, there is a nice rhythm and routine to them. There is always something to do. I find when my mind gets empty (or overloaded) I tend to shut down. I can't think and I can't progress. (Why is it so easy for me to write a 1,000+ word blog post yet I can't write 1 word about a passage from a text? That's what I should be doing right now haha...)

3. Going to the gym. I get this done early because as we all know, going to the gym when you're half awake is much easier than consciously walking over there and dreading how hard your workout is going to be. The hardest part is putting on the clothes. In the mornings when I'm half way through my run or bike I finally look up and say, "Wow! You did it. You're here. You alive, awake, and excited to tackle this day." 

4. Photography. Shooting gets me off campus and I get to meet new and interesting people out in the city while doing something that really makes my heart beat to its true rhythm. Man, making photos just makes my soul leap out of my body and LIVE.

5. Others. Those near and far from me, and those new and old to me. People will tell you, "You're not alone," but in reality I believe we are. We are all on extremely different paths in life. The people in our life we decide to surround ourselves with help shape and teach us the things we are meant to learn; yet life is a journey one must take by themselves. Humans will talk all they want, but it's important to notice when to listen to your heart. No one can tell you how you should feel. That's up to you, only you, and did I say YOU. You are in charge. You are the driver of how your little path is going to twist and turn around all the opportunities thrown at you.

6. Food dates. Last quarter I think I got breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost always by myself. I'm pretty introverted so I don't mind this at all, but I'm learning to enjoy eating amongst the company of others. Many of us suddenly got very busy this quarter and instead of running into someone in the cafeteria to grab some grub with, I find myself planning fun meet ups with others to enjoy some bites or to try a new place off campus! There are so many great coffee shops and restaurants to try around us in every direction. It's really fun to change it up! I don't think I will ever get tired of the places around here because it would take a very long time to try every item on every menu of all the eateries here.

7. Time. Give anything time and that thing will change. By now, I have come to recognize that change is the only constant. Change is the one thing that we can count on.

I definitely don't have all the answers nor do I have all of my shizz together. 
All I know is that I am enough. 
And that.
Is enough.

xo, Hallie


January 22, 2017



Chelsea and I met at an event I photographed recently downtown Seattle. She has been blogging for six years, is from the Seattle area, and just moved back from living in Minneapolis for a while. I am so glad she is here because she is so easy going and knows what she's doing! 

We met at a coffee shop and had no idea where we were going to shoot. Not going to lie, I put myself in this position way too often over having a solid plan. In the moment I get anxious and a little worried about how we're going to pull the shoot off. Honestly I was ready to call it and plan to meet up another time because it just felt like we were headed in a downward spiral and my head was not in the game. I was focusing too much on the rain and how we were going to stay dry while make amazing photos on the street. We wandered for a while and decided to just start shooting before we got really depressed. We found an overhang by the waterfront then ducked out for a minute to get these last two images crossing the street and they are some of my favorites. Chelsea had another look so we kept walking, while no ideas really came to mind. Then I thought we could walk to Union Station. It wasn't that far at all but when it's pouring, wearing only one layer underneath your rain coat, walking half a mile really doesn't sound that inspiring. Once we got there, I instantly got inspired and shot the heck out of it!!! I can proudly say I love the images we created and am so delighted about this end result. 

I absolutely loved Chelsea's look with the embroidered jeans... I did a little research and decided I might have to get myself a pair. (My comfy boyfriend jeans are wearing out and ripping in horrible places because I wear them All. The. Time!) I'm going to have to decide between these and these. They're classic, simple, and the perfect relaxed jean to keep in your closet when you just want to be comfy!

xo, Hallie


January 20, 2017

Mount Baker

All of these were shot on my iPhone 6!

For the long weekend of Martin Luther King Day, I headed up to the mountains with the Outdoor Adventure Recreation Club at Seattle U. We left Friday night and spent two nights in the cute cabin (last image) and got two full days of skiing in up at Mount Baker. My good friend, Aryon (pictured above) was on the trip with me and I skied with him as well as a new friend I made, Natalie (also pictured above). They both wanted to elevate their skiing technique and I helped them do just that! By the end of the two days there was visible improvement in both Aryon and Natalie and I was just as proud as they were. This was the first time I got to coach friends skiing and they are right when they say teaching makes you better and the rewards are intangible. When I went through drills with them, I exercised them too and could tell what I needed to work and really thought about my form. It was inspiring to see these two so happy on the slopes and just excited to be there, outside, taking in all the magical moments the mountains hold no matter your skiing skill level. No one has to be a pro to recognize how incredibly beautiful the mountains we were surrounded in were. Being around people like that is what makes skiing fulfilling for me. When we parked at the base the first day, I was absolutely taken aback. I have been around big mountains and high peaks my whole life, but when you're around new ones that are right in your face, it's a good kind of shock to the system. For me, skiing is not about going down the "hardest" runs or finding the hidden pockets of powder, it's about the experience and your experience lies within who you surround yourself while doing it.

xo, Hallie

January 19, 2017

Pumpin' Gas in the Wind

SWEATERS: Free People and Free People (both are on sale!) || SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell

Laura and I always get so funky and creative together. It's a unique and different feeling I get from her and all of it is good. I think we make a really forward thinking team so I'm hoping to be connecting with her more in the future because I believe we want to express ourselves and make change in the world.

Both these sweaters are on sale and SO cute! I might have to buy myself one of these chunky knit sweaters for those lazy days but still be able to look put together ;)

xo, Hallie

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