January 31, 2017

An Undefined Path

BACKPACK: Parkland

This past Sunday I escaped into the snow with OAR and got to snowshoe up at Snoqualmie Pass. The week prior had been busy... spending the majority of my time in the library writing an essay and keeping up with Spanish lessons that I'm tested on this week. I didn't block out a lot of time (actually any) to journal because I felt so preoccupied and decided school work was the priority... that's what it's looking like this week but I'm hoping to squeeze a recap of my week in there. As far as snowshoeing goes, I have a little metaphor (I'm stoked about!) that came to me as we were debriefing the adventure in the van ride back to campus. Before I get into that though, how AWESOME are those trees?! I caught myself looking up almost the whole time. I had to shoot wide to try to give a sense into the scale of these monstrous creations! Snow capped trees are probably my biggest weakness, so I apologize for some of the monotony of the tree images but I can't help myself. :)

Snowshoeing is a beautiful way to explain a path in life. A snowshoe trail is a perfect metaphor.
It's important to look up from the path and notice where you are and ask yourself if you're on the right path. It's ok to find yourself walking along the "wrong" path and then do what you have to do to get back on the right one.
Just because there are no footprints does not mean you aren't going the right way. You could most possibly be going the exact right way.
In contrast, when there are footprints, that doesn't always mean you are going the right way. There are many ways to get to one spot, or maybe we're not all meant to end in the same spot. That's the beauty. Everyone will end up in extremely different places depending on the path they choose. The path you decide on is the one meant for you and is perfect with all it's twists and turns and uneven terrain. Sometimes your path might make a loop or even take you right back to the place you started, forcing you to retrace places you have already been. And that is just okay. 
We're all going to get to where we need to be.
We have to have trust in the journey.
There is no destination.
The path you take goes on and on. Life keeps going on.
When you realize there is no end point, you can start to understand how incredibly important it is to be
Living in this very moment.
Is happening.
It's happening, 


xo, Hallie

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