January 20, 2017

Mount Baker

All of these were shot on my iPhone 6!

For the long weekend of Martin Luther King Day, I headed up to the mountains with the Outdoor Adventure Recreation Club at Seattle U. We left Friday night and spent two nights in the cute cabin (last image) and got two full days of skiing in up at Mount Baker. My good friend, Aryon (pictured above) was on the trip with me and I skied with him as well as a new friend I made, Natalie (also pictured above). They both wanted to elevate their skiing technique and I helped them do just that! By the end of the two days there was visible improvement in both Aryon and Natalie and I was just as proud as they were. This was the first time I got to coach friends skiing and they are right when they say teaching makes you better and the rewards are intangible. When I went through drills with them, I exercised them too and could tell what I needed to work and really thought about my form. It was inspiring to see these two so happy on the slopes and just excited to be there, outside, taking in all the magical moments the mountains hold no matter your skiing skill level. No one has to be a pro to recognize how incredibly beautiful the mountains we were surrounded in were. Being around people like that is what makes skiing fulfilling for me. When we parked at the base the first day, I was absolutely taken aback. I have been around big mountains and high peaks my whole life, but when you're around new ones that are right in your face, it's a good kind of shock to the system. For me, skiing is not about going down the "hardest" runs or finding the hidden pockets of powder, it's about the experience and your experience lies within who you surround yourself while doing it.

xo, Hallie
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