January 18, 2017

Redfern Family

^ these two are the sweetest! I didn't even tell them how to pose or anything and they just went straight to hugs :)

I didn't realize I've been hoarding so many photos... it feels good to finally share them and I've been getting such amazing feedback... THANK YOU! Those comments don't go without notice. ♥

I don't photograph a lot of families but I had to share these cute portraits from Winter Break! I photographed the Redfern family last winter as well. This year brothers, sisters, parents, and cousins were in town so we met up to mark the time.

The light in the late afternoon in Sun Valley is SO gold and creamy, it's my absolute favorite against all the white snow. Here's to a little reminiscence of the cool, dry, winter snow I got a taste of when I was back home for the holidays. :) I'm learning the winter here in Seattle is starting to get pretty wet while that frigid, moist air chills your bones. On the bright side, it's a lot easier to breathe here, my skin feels hydrated, I sweat buckets at the gym (it feels like I'm gettin' work done...) and I haven't (crossing my fingers) gotten any bloody noses! ;)

xo, Hallie

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