January 22, 2017



Chelsea and I met at an event I photographed recently downtown Seattle. She has been blogging for six years, is from the Seattle area, and just moved back from living in Minneapolis for a while. I am so glad she is here because she is so easy going and knows what she's doing! 

We met at a coffee shop and had no idea where we were going to shoot. Not going to lie, I put myself in this position way too often over having a solid plan. In the moment I get anxious and a little worried about how we're going to pull the shoot off. Honestly I was ready to call it and plan to meet up another time because it just felt like we were headed in a downward spiral and my head was not in the game. I was focusing too much on the rain and how we were going to stay dry while make amazing photos on the street. We wandered for a while and decided to just start shooting before we got really depressed. We found an overhang by the waterfront then ducked out for a minute to get these last two images crossing the street and they are some of my favorites. Chelsea had another look so we kept walking, while no ideas really came to mind. Then I thought we could walk to Union Station. It wasn't that far at all but when it's pouring, wearing only one layer underneath your rain coat, walking half a mile really doesn't sound that inspiring. Once we got there, I instantly got inspired and shot the heck out of it!!! I can proudly say I love the images we created and am so delighted about this end result. 

I absolutely loved Chelsea's look with the embroidered jeans... I did a little research and decided I might have to get myself a pair. (My comfy boyfriend jeans are wearing out and ripping in horrible places because I wear them All. The. Time!) I'm going to have to decide between these and these. They're classic, simple, and the perfect relaxed jean to keep in your closet when you just want to be comfy!

xo, Hallie


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