February 22, 2017

Bella's Sweet 16th!

One of my roommates, Alissa, wanted to give something really special to her sister for her 16th Birthday. She absolutely adores Bella and we all know how this time in a girl's life can be confusing, scary, but also full of surprises, lessons, and downright awesomeness. I mean don't we all have moments we want to be 16 again?!
I had such a special and celebratory time running around Seattle with these two on such a sunny day! I almost forgot how to shoot in backlight because I'm so used to the creamy, overcast skies here in Seattle... haha ;)

For all you out there, turning ANY age, I want to celebrate with you! It doesn't have to be on the day, but let's get together and mark this special time of the year that you will be able to look back on, FOREVER. Shoot me an email to hallie@halliekathryn.com and let's start talking and book a date!

Bella NAILED that first shot. It is exactly what I had envisioned. After I quickly reviewed the images following me directing Bella to skip across the street, my jaw dropped.

Obviously, some people are easier to coach than others, but ultimately if you just let your subject be, and express who they are, is there anything better that you could ask for? No! At least I see my job as capturing the person, in this moment, through the dreamy way I see it.

xo, Hallie


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