March 30, 2017

The Grand Canyon

can you spot the tiny person?

that last layer here on the bottom is the path I was standing on. sheer cliff right there!
(my Dad my not like that I'm sharing this, but here's some perspective...)

Las Vegas!

Red Rock Canyon

view from the top of Turtlehead Peak

Ice Box Canyon


My Spring Break was spent down in the desert southwest! This is my fourth time going down there for a couple days in the spring because my Dad goes down there for the Red Rock Rendezvous; a climbing festival full of energy and inspiration to get outside, to protect our environment, and to know there are rad people out there interested in doing the same. Every time I have come back from the event I just want to go EXPLORE! The energy is contagious, I believe it's one of the best ways to jumpstart spring! Before the festival started we drove to the Grand Canyon and spent a few nights there to take it in. Boy, photos can explain a lot and the good ones make you feel something, but I really think the Grand Canyon is something one needs to experience for themselves. The vast expanse of land and the sounds and feeling of the air just can't be captured. My Dad has been to many National Parks and he said that this one is truly a wonder. There is nothing like it anywhere else. We stopped at the Hoover Dam on the way to the Canyon, and dang that thing is impressive! I would have thought nothing of it before, (and still don't love the environmental aspects) but my roommate, Alissa, studying Engineering, has inspired me to look at it as a crazy triumph by those that worked on it, building through one of the harshest environments and how amazingly it has weathered and lasted.

This year, Betsy and Kali joined us in Vegas so I got to check off some hikes I've been wanting to do in the Red Rock Canyon just west of the city. I'm so glad they joined, we have some awesome memories from this trip with more travels to come.

The last few photos in this post are just snaps from my phone while we were around the festival. The last evening greeted us with a double rainbow and such pretty light. I got to meet Nathaniel Coleman, a 20yr old pro climber who has one of the humblest hearts. Such a treat to introduce myself and be around so many others who share the same, relaxed energy. Sunday morning was an early morning, BlueWater Ropes hosts a blueberry pancake breakfast for all the event's attendees. We flip close to 3,000 cakes that morning. It's an incredible feat, mixing bags after bags of batter in big paint cans with drills and thawing huge, Costco size blueberry bags. Now, that's one way to get the job done! haha I get so excited about doing this, it's literally just so fun. 

Also, a note on my backpack: Parkland has released some new, fun styles and colors for spring, you should definitely take a look here! I'm wearing the Academy (link here) but I think the Rushmore (link here) looks so clean and hip, I have one I'm going to shoot soon so you can see it in action. :) The pockets on the outside of the Academy were actually pretty useful for my smaller lenses, snacks, or sunglasses!

I have lots to share and I am so excited to do so soon. Enjoy these for a bit while I get the rest of the posts put together!

xo, Hallie

March 20, 2017

Recent Work with @truelane

Throughout this winter I met up with Chelsea numerous times and we always had so much fun shooting for her blog, I wanted to share a cumulation of my favorite images we made together! (Remember this post? The images I added here at the bottom have gotten nearly 50,000 re-pins on Pinterest each! I think Chelsea and I make a good team!!) 

There are so many fashion bloggers out there and sometimes I just see the same images repeated over and over and get bored of such similar work although the styling of the look may be different. This saturation has gotten to me and I've really tried to work on being creative with Chelsea to produce some work that is "different." Between asking her to jump off railings, kick my camera, or get cozy on a concrete block, some of these images are my favorite to date. We've had a lot of laughs through out this but also some great breakthroughs! Go check out her work, I love her style! I hope to connect with her again soon this spring because there are SO many flowers blooming and the air in Seattle has suddenly shifted. It's sure a beautiful thing.

xo, Hallie
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