February 26, 2017

Sun, Smiles, Spring

I went out for a walk the other afternoon with my roommate, Tess, and a floor mate, Sam. We found spring! It was beautiful out, sun was shining and smiles were on. It always feels SO great and refreshing to get outside into the city to find new places off campus which are only just a short walk away. The hardest part is walking out the door! You don't need a plan, you just need your two feet and a little gratitude. I have some posts in the works to share with you all soon that I think you will enjoy! :) Lately I have felt unmotivated to share anything because I haven't felt like I have been creative... enough. No more self doubting and questioning self-worth talk. I am excited to get back to the making of ART! All this creativity comes and goes in waves.

xo, Hallie

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