March 20, 2017

Recent Work with @truelane

Throughout this winter I met up with Chelsea numerous times and we always had so much fun shooting for her blog, I wanted to share a cumulation of my favorite images we made together! (Remember this post? The images I added here at the bottom have gotten nearly 50,000 re-pins on Pinterest each! I think Chelsea and I make a good team!!) 

There are so many fashion bloggers out there and sometimes I just see the same images repeated over and over and get bored of such similar work although the styling of the look may be different. This saturation has gotten to me and I've really tried to work on being creative with Chelsea to produce some work that is "different." Between asking her to jump off railings, kick my camera, or get cozy on a concrete block, some of these images are my favorite to date. We've had a lot of laughs through out this but also some great breakthroughs! Go check out her work, I love her style! I hope to connect with her again soon this spring because there are SO many flowers blooming and the air in Seattle has suddenly shifted. It's sure a beautiful thing.

xo, Hallie

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