April 11, 2017

UW Cherry Blossoms

The UW's cherry blossoms are right out of a DREAM! This last Tuesday did not disappoint. Surprisingly, it was my first time on the UW campus and I felt like I took a trip abroad. The buildings, the blossoms, and the amount of people literally blew my mind! It was a good day to remind myself how grateful I am to be here in Seattle. Walking on their campus made me understand how vastly different college experiences can be! We walked by so many people who we would never see again, and at SU, I see almost the same people a couple times each day. I feel like I can't even explain how pretty it was but here's my best. If you're ever in Seattle in early April, this is A MUST SEE, and it's totally free. :)

Although I felt like we had traveled a million miles away, meeting up with Sarah made it feel more like home. Funny enough, I also ran into a neighbor who lives across the street from my Dad who I went to Elementary School with! Such a small world and an even smaller city.

xo, Hallie

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