May 13, 2017

Spring in Full Swing

Nikki is such a bubbly, happy person to be around and always has something sweet to say whether it be about a person, a place, or a thing. You can tell she is living some of her many dreams right now and it's contagious. In addition to her blog,, she has an online shop launching in June. The floral dress in this set of images will be available on her site! As many of you know I'm a sucker for a long, flowy dress soooo let's just say I definitely have my eye on one! ;)

As I photograph these fashion bloggers here in Seattle I'm really trying to get myself to think about the fashion in addition to the face. I always find myself drawn to the shape of faces and eyes, the most prominent area of us that makes us unique and what others look at first. To get out of my own head I've been just cutting out the face entirely of the frame and focus on the movement of the clothing. I'm probably overthinking this, but this is just where I'm at!

xo, Hallie

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