May 3, 2017

surviving vs. thriving

Some days are just truly better than others. It's the nature of life and those bad days make the good, beautiful, enchanting days feel so so much more magical. Today was one of them! After beating myself up pretty harshly for two days about anything I found a flaw in; my thoughts, body, artistry, or dreams, I awoke to a new day and to things looking more positive. These images you may recognize from my Instagram story, I love that platform to share more of a day-to-day personal experience... it's not all just pretty faces in flowy dresses in dreamy locations... (although one day I dream that WILL be my life.) It's important to notice the little things that make one happy and fulfilled. I'm really enjoying being able to draw and write on my experiential photos, it adds a fun, artistic quality that feels more like ME. 


Someone I feel deeply connected to here is Monet. This girl and I have dinner dates every so often where we talk about the mundane, how we try to make it more interesting, and we come up with "answers" to world problems. More like our life "problems," but still I really value friendships like the one I have with her. They are far and few between but when I create and connect with someone like this I know exactly why this person is in my life, and many more reasons that I will learn. She is a big proponent in journaling and writing little things down she doesn't want to forget. At the end of the day there's an hour in her day dedicated to letting everything out. If something or someone made you feel something and you remember it, write it down. It could be more significant than we let on.

I fell off the journaling train for almost a month, in a way during that time I lost myself (because I was writing a lot and it felt good to get everything out, I've had a build up of things and ideas I needed to get out) to find myself... in a better place. Last night I started writing again and I'm making lists. A lot of lists. It's such a good way for me to organize my thoughts! 

If you haven't noticed, I started a new section, or label, on my blog called "close." I feel like my posts are getting more personal and I want there to be many more in the future! If you have anything you want me to touch on or talk about or share with you, comment or send me a message with ideas and/or topics. In addition to letting this blog become more of a public, visual, journal, I also want this to be a safe place for resource of anything; high schoolers, artists, college students... humans. There is so much out there that we can all learn from each other when we SHARE and LISTEN to how others feel, experience, and think.

xo, Hallie ☆

p.s. I'm proud to say this is (probably) the first post I've whipped together and published on the same day the images were taken and all my thoughts connected together.

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