May 2, 2017

𐌁ɘ 🅈⌾U

The other day Alissa and I were talking about all the people we want to be. There are so many sides to us but sometimes it seems like we feel like being all of these ideals of ourselves, or combining different personalities doesn't truly mix, or is even possible.

Labels define, close in, and put a person in a box. ⌧ I'm here to say, Be YOU. Whoever that may be. If you want to be a certain way, then you are THAT. Now own it. Who cares what others think? In the end, you're the one who has to live with yourself expressing who YOU are.

These images are of Hallie. And She is capable of anything She wants to be and do.
Just like You. 

xo, Hallie ☆

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