May 17, 2017

Veronika Leitner, Goldsmith Designer

I've known this amazing woman my whole life, have spent countless hours doing crafts with her and her daughters; she's almost in a way a second mother to me. I was so excited to hear that she wanted me to make some headshots of her for her small jewelry business! I believe we captured her natural beauty and warm spirit. It's so inspiring to see her re-connect with the creative energy that she emanates.

The first image was shot at Tulip Town and those three rings were gifted to me from Nika when I embarked on my National Geographic Expedition 2 years ago. I've worn them every day since and they represent the continuous importance to follow my dreams.

Nika has always had an immaculate garden surrounding her house and wherever she goes she sprinkles her magical well-being dust on every being of this earth. I am very grateful to be so close with her and continue to listen and learn how to tread lightly and share compassion.

Instagram: @veronika.leitner

Her designs will be exhibited in a trunk show at Petit & Olson on Bainbridge Island, June 2! If you're in the area, make sure to stop by!

xo, Hallie

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