June 27, 2017

Mint Ruffles & Carrot Juice

Lately I've been in love with ruffles of all sorts on shirt, skirts, dresses... I was SO stoked to have finally found a cute dress with ruffled sleeves in Paris!

Wanted to share these images because not only was the fashion a major find in the city, but the food was too! The shopping wore us out so Sarah and I hopped into a cute, local, grab n' go restaurant called Cojean. We loved the atmosphere, it was light, youthful, and bright. We tried a pressed juice that was just carrots, apples, and oranges! This was our last full day in Paris and at this point we were pretty tired and could feel sickness coming on from all the traveling we were putting our bodies through! Fresh squeezed orange juice was our go-to for a hit of much needed Vitamin C. Our French baguettes were filled with tzatziki sauce, slices of cucumber, smoked salmon, and a garnish of dill. If you know me well, we all would think that I would never eat something like this. But I LOVED it! I now have some smoked salmon in the fridge and can't wait to recreate something like it sometime this summer.

I've linked a few similar pieces to get my look below!

xo, Hallie

Dress: ZARA || Sunnies: ZARA (similar here) || Booties: CLARKS


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