June 5, 2017

(Puget) Sound Tea!

Everything about being at the beach is dreamy. I could stay forever. The waves crashing onto the shore, the birds flying against the wind which make them look like they're standing still, the golden light that slowly fades behind the mountains into the west at sunset, the air as crisp as a bite into an apple is, the free foot exfoliation on your bare toes... I could go on. To say the least, I feel at home here.

We finally made it to Alki Beach this past weekend and brought a couple bottles of Sound Tea! We realized we were drinking Sound Tea by the (Puget) Sound! ;) This tea is unsweetened making it a really refreshing bubbly summer drink. The sparkling water cleansing your throat is the perfect addition to the list of delightful sensations at the beach. 
Just like many say, Less is More. 
Less is Enough.

xo, Hallie

*Thanks to Sound Tea for sponsoring this post.

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