July 14, 2017


One major thing that I've learned this past year is, you can't do it all alone. I tend to spend a majority of my time solo... I would (usually) rather journal, draft a blog post, put on a feel good Netflix show, or edit photos in my free time, but I'm slowly starting to come out of my shell when I'm with the people that let me be who I am, support my passions, and talk through ways to solve problems. I have noticed how special, (and how vital!) a community like this is... for everyone!

I want to start a little community on here. Comment, ask questions, tweet me, or directly message me on any social medias, I'll get back to you! I envision a tight knit community of do-gooders who love to learn from others! I also know that many of you may be younger, still in high school, or going to college, tackling many different parts of life. Because I never had siblings I feel like I may have missed out on some sort of mentorship, being an older sibling, or the younger one.

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.” -Bill Nye 

I think all chapters in life are to be celebrated and sometimes we need a boost of encouragement!

Our vision is to foster a collaborative community which cultivates a group of passionate people!

Get ready to SHINE because guess what?
You are a STAR!

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xo, Hallie

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