July 27, 2017

Find Your Tribe

We joke and call ourselves a little Instagram Family, because we love going out, adventuring, making art out of our day-to-day, and just being together! Sarah & Larry are two that I know if I needed something, they would be there. 

Finding your family, or your tribe, takes time. Just like everything, right? I sure haven't found my whole tribe yet and that's okay because I know I'm walking down the right path with these two right now. 

"Your vibe attracts your tribe."

So get this, Sarah and I met through Instagram this past November. I photographed her at the Volunteer Park Conservatory (post linked here) because I saw she wanted to start a blog and went to the UW! I just re-read that post and look what I wrote, "As we got talking we both agreed that college is a time that should be celebrated and not overstressed by wondering what you're going to do with the rest of your life and how you're going to get there to fulfill your dreams. We're both going to work hard to inspire others to find that spark to cultivate the momentum to dream, wonder, and LOVE." (We're still headed in that direction, so cool!) At the time, I had messaged her, literally slid into her DM's, telling her I was looking to start exploring the city and photographing people and fashion, and wanted to get creative! I then met Larry this spring and the moment I saw him it felt like I had known him for a while, like he was an old friend. Crazy how sometimes your brain tells you something like that. It was a sign. Both these souls make me feel like I am 100% myself around them, there's no judgement, there is praise and understanding for ME to be ME!

"Find your tribe, love them hard."

I think Sarah and I had hung out only four times before starting to plan our trip to Paris this summer. Sometimes you just click with someone and you know that you're going to be friends for a long time.

Sarah is the one who encourages me to go after my craziest dreams, understands my intense, passionate energy, pushes me to think differently, appreciates the little, magical moments in life, brainstorms trips and adventures for the future, accepts me when I make mistakes, lifts me up when I get discouraged, reminds me why I started, inspires me to always do my best, and so, so much more.

xo, Hallie


Top: Socialite (on sale!)  Denim: Zara  Shoes: Free People (similar)


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