July 18, 2017

Mason Lake x Rosegal

Of course I'm saying yes to a lake day! We discussed dorm room decorations, enjoyed fresh fruit, played on the dock, and jumped in many times. I get such a high from swimming in fresh water that isn't freezing, the water got warmer than the air so I just wanted to stay in! Must be the Pisces in me. ;) 

I know we are all looking for cute but affordable swimsuits these days, and I know it is not easy! Alissa, being the resourceful girl she is, found the cutest swimsuits at college budget-friendly prices over at Rosegal. The one she's wearing in the photos is under $10! I'm serious, I don't know how she does it. There are so many print bikinis that we love.

Her one piece fits her like a glove, is made of SOFT fabric and lets her be athletic in the water and not worry about any pieces coming off! Once Alissa showed me the website, I had about 20 tabs open... especially because they have more than just swimsuits! If you know Hallie and flowy things, I did some digging and found this dress, which I might just have to order.
I also have my eye on this one piecethis bikini, and this bikini too... With prices like this though, you could wear a different swimsuit every week!
Hope you're all enjoying a (savvy shopping) swimsuit season!! ;)

xo, Hallie

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Time for a new outfit!


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