July 7, 2017

The Sun Stays Still

Instead of waiting for the Sun to rise, we're really just waiting for the Earth to spin. 

As I'm in the mountains for most of the summer I am really trying to make the most of the outdoors by doing things like this. These mountains and open fields are only 30 minutes from our houses! It's always hard to set an alarm for a time that doesn't see the sun, but it sure is worth it... every. single. time. I have Amanda to thank for sending those texts to me that she's outside my house ready to go.

So many of us are together for sunsets but I think watching the sunrise with others is just as beautiful, maybe even more so. It's a totally different energy. One of hope and tranquility. I've realized more people listen in the morning. We're all much quieter humans, taking everything in, listening to the wildlife waking and feeling the warmth of the sun. Life seems much deeper, softer, just all around gentle and soothing.

xo, Hallie

photos: Amanda Passey


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