July 1, 2017

Wake up early. Be a ray of sunshine. Create good energy.

Lean out the window, open your hands, catch those morning rays, spread smiles, repeat. 

I loved hangin' out the window. It's so freeing! And I felt so proud of myself that I was holding on with one hand, I feel like I'm getting stronger! It might have just been all the adrenaline... ;) 

I think we're able to create good energy no matter where we are. Lately I've really been focusing on paying attention to the energy I'm creating. If I notice I don't love the moment, I try to see if I'm the one making the situation undesirable. I just want to be a light everywhere I go and leave people happier than when I first met them. It's all a work in progress!

xo, Hallie

photos: Amanda Passey


Top: Free People (similar) Denim: Madewell  Shoes: SeaVees


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