August 31, 2017

Whirling in Zion Wind

That was one heck of a whirlwind. 

Lauren was driving down to St. George, Utah for a wedding and I ended up being her plus one. Not only did I want to be spontaneous and say, "YES!" to a road trip 3 days before leaving, what sold me was that she was planning to get up at 3:30am and drive to Zion for sunrise the day after. Sounds awesome right?

Knowing me, I packed two or three too many dresses, forgot a toothbrush, and didn't realize it would be so hot I would be sweating through my clothes just sitting. Man it was a good 54 hours. I can confidently say this is a trip that showed me I am growing. I said, "YES!" to something I would have not before as I would have thought it would need more planning, I did not get hung up on really anything, and I went on embracing my fears fully and calmly. (Does this remind you of Day 12 of an Affirmation Challenge? 😉) 

Super super pumped Lauren and I executed this, Zion is one of her favorite spots so she showed me some fun trails and gorgeous views. Despite how tired we may have been, it is truly incredible to drive into a National Park and see how quickly the landscape changes. Then walking out to an overlook like we did, makes you really think. How? When? What? The Earth is pretty magical and makes you feel pretty special that you're standing among these stunning, giant walls. Making the long drive down through almost all of Utah is pretty eye opening to me as to how close everything and everyone is. When I watch my favorite photographers, some based in the SLC area, I think they live in this otherworldly place. Nope, they live only a few hours away and create art with what's around all of us. It's there for all of us to use.

I could go on and on, but it's late... almost 2am and my eyes are shutting! I finally found inspiration and made time for my fingers to type! I am working on a few more entries that will be soon to follow, thanks for keeping up with it all!

xo, Hallie


Dress: Pink Stitch


August 19, 2017

Sweet Garden Dreams

The other night I got these pants in the mail, tried them on, rounded up pieces for this look, and walked out into our garden to have my mom shoot these images all within probably 30 minutes. Don't you love it when an online shopping order gets here a day before it's supposed to?! The best! Asos is having a huge 70% off sale right now and there are a ton of good finds. These pants were one of them... only $19! I'm not kidding! I'm into everything but the classic jean or legging right now. No denim, no black stretchy fabric. I've been looking for some cute wide leg pants and I am confident to say these are IT. I remember spending hours in my moms closet when I was really young, trying on so many clothes and shoes. I was probably five when I found this jacket and knew I would be wearing it when I was older... so rad to finally put it together.

My mom has put so much work into her garden, we've been in our house for three summers now and it is a flourishing dreamy spot back there! All the sunflowers are natural, they seed themselves, and we get more and more each year. We are accumulating a little field... they're my favorite. If you watch them closely, they follow the sun and at night after the sun sets, they turn east because they know that's where the sun will be rising! Nature amazes me.

Another crazy phenomenon is approaching!! We're getting ready for the big solar eclipse this Monday... Sun Valley is right in the line of totality and rumor has it, our little valley is going to get crowded! We went to the grocery store and the only 7 loaves left in the bread aisle were raisin... haha we're all stocking up like it's an apocalypse! Be careful out there, wear those protective glasses...😎  hope you have a fabulous weekend!

xo, Hallie


Cami: Free People  Jacket: Custo Barcelona  Pants: Asos  Shoes: Thrifted (similar below)


August 17, 2017

Back to School Black & Whites

Someone has to say it... it's almost BACK TO SCHOOL! I'd say one of the best parts about the end of summer and fall has got to be going back to school shopping! ;) My mom and I have always made it a fun adventure to restock on school supplies and update our wardrobes... it's a little different now that I'm in college, but it's still fun to buy a couple things to get yourself excited for the new school year! It's kind of funny how we call it a "new year" when we're really only in the middle of the calendar year.

My shirt, skirt, and sneakers are all on sale... so it's perfect timing! I have had this black long sleeve shirt for a while, I bet you all have classics in your closet too that you love. I recently found this skirt and these stellar sneakers at Nordstrom Rack. Not until now have I worn a skirt with so much FLOW. It drapes so nicely with the pleats but it also makes you feel like a superstar when the wind picks up the fabric. I'm really into the midi length right now for dresses and skirts... it's a happy middle ground for me. I love the sneakers because they go with almost everything but the star adds that touch and makes it look more personal. Especially because you know I love stars! ☆ They have them in a nude suede too. 

Anyways, I'm actually pretty stoked to get back on campus and see some faces I've missed and have the opportunity to meet and make new friends! I hope everyone's first couple days back are fun and not too overwhelming! I still have about a month to go until I'm back in class. I'll be soaking up the last bit of summer sunshine and easy living while I can!

xo, Hallie


Shirt: Zara (similar)  Skirt: Vince Camuto  Shoes: Steve Madden  Backpack: Parkland


August 13, 2017

Leopard Fast

Thinking about the run doesn't get me up in the morning, there's something much bigger than the workout. We're becoming reliable friends, strong women, and more humble human beings. 
Thanks for counting on me so I can count on you.

I used to think doing everything by myself was better. I thought getting up in the morning was easy if I set my mind to it, I thought I could motivate myself 24/7. Sometimes I can, but those mornings that you just can't lift your head from the pillow to get on your feet running down the road, I've found it extremely important for myself to have a buddy doing the same thing. She's counting on me to meet her outside ready to run and workout. We always feel SO great after our morning workouts, but it's pretty hard to believe how amazing you will feel when all you can think about is closing your eyes for 5 more minutes...

This summer it has been hard to get into a workout routine because of travel and the transition of the place I call "home." Sara and I have been waking up and getting out the door about 7:30 every morning. We live about a mile away from each other,  so we'll meet on the bike path in the mornings and get those endorphins flowing. We've been working up to about 7 mile runs lately and I'm so proud of us!!! It's awesome to have that friend to push you one more mile because she knows you can and knows we will be better for it. 

The past couple days my ears have been in so much pain, there's a lot of pressure and I can't pop them! I'm trying little remedies and feeling a little better. I took this weekend off and rested, but let me tell you, I am sooo stoked to run again! When I run in the mornings I feel healthy, strong, truly happy, and empowered. The whole day is ahead of me and I have motivation to keep chasing those dreams with all the GOOD energy I create in the morning!

I started working at Vie Active this summer as they opened their first shop in Sun Valley! Come in and say hi if you're in the area! I'm in love with their products. So soft and comfortable, flattering and it's activewear you can run errands in while still feeling fabulous and not a sweaty mess! Sara agrees with me, wearing the leopard print tights make you feel faster and stronger while keeping your feminine edge.

Inspire your workout buddy with this and I'll see you outside tomorrow morning on the trail! ;-)

xo, Hallie

photos: Amanda Passey

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