August 19, 2017

Sweet Garden Dreams

The other night I got these pants in the mail, tried them on, rounded up pieces for this look, and walked out into our garden to have my mom shoot these images all within probably 30 minutes. Don't you love it when an online shopping order gets here a day before it's supposed to?! The best! Asos is having a huge 70% off sale right now and there are a ton of good finds. These pants were one of them... only $19! I'm not kidding! I'm into everything but the classic jean or legging right now. No denim, no black stretchy fabric. I've been looking for some cute wide leg pants and I am confident to say these are IT. I remember spending hours in my moms closet when I was really young, trying on so many clothes and shoes. I was probably five when I found this jacket and knew I would be wearing it when I was older... so rad to finally put it together.

My mom has put so much work into her garden, we've been in our house for three summers now and it is a flourishing dreamy spot back there! All the sunflowers are natural, they seed themselves, and we get more and more each year. We are accumulating a little field... they're my favorite. If you watch them closely, they follow the sun and at night after the sun sets, they turn east because they know that's where the sun will be rising! Nature amazes me.

Another crazy phenomenon is approaching!! We're getting ready for the big solar eclipse this Monday... Sun Valley is right in the line of totality and rumor has it, our little valley is going to get crowded! We went to the grocery store and the only 7 loaves left in the bread aisle were raisin... haha we're all stocking up like it's an apocalypse! Be careful out there, wear those protective glasses...😎  hope you have a fabulous weekend!

xo, Hallie


Cami: Free People  Jacket: Custo Barcelona  Pants: Asos  Shoes: Thrifted (similar below)



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