August 31, 2017

Whirling in Zion Wind

That was one heck of a whirlwind. 

Lauren was driving down to St. George, Utah for a wedding and I ended up being her plus one. Not only did I want to be spontaneous and say, "YES!" to a road trip 3 days before leaving, what sold me was that she was planning to get up at 3:30am and drive to Zion for sunrise the day after. Sounds awesome right?

Knowing me, I packed two or three too many dresses, forgot a toothbrush, and didn't realize it would be so hot I would be sweating through my clothes just sitting. Man it was a good 54 hours. I can confidently say this is a trip that showed me I am growing. I said, "YES!" to something I would have not before as I would have thought it would need more planning, I did not get hung up on really anything, and I went on embracing my fears fully and calmly. (Does this remind you of Day 12 of an Affirmation Challenge? 😉) 

Super super pumped Lauren and I executed this, Zion is one of her favorite spots so she showed me some fun trails and gorgeous views. Despite how tired we may have been, it is truly incredible to drive into a National Park and see how quickly the landscape changes. Then walking out to an overlook like we did, makes you really think. How? When? What? The Earth is pretty magical and makes you feel pretty special that you're standing among these stunning, giant walls. Making the long drive down through almost all of Utah is pretty eye opening to me as to how close everything and everyone is. When I watch my favorite photographers, some based in the SLC area, I think they live in this otherworldly place. Nope, they live only a few hours away and create art with what's around all of us. It's there for all of us to use.

I could go on and on, but it's late... almost 2am and my eyes are shutting! I finally found inspiration and made time for my fingers to type! I am working on a few more entries that will be soon to follow, thanks for keeping up with it all!

xo, Hallie


Dress: Pink Stitch


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