September 19, 2017

End of Summer Detox

The month of September means detox time. I feel like my whole schedule gets off during the summer and I'm not totally on top of taking care of my body like I usually do. I'll simultaneously be pressing the reset button as I head back to school and get back into a scheduled life.

I recently got this Cosmedix Detox Face Mask and I really love it! I've been putting it on before bed and it sure is nice to go to sleep knowing my face is clean from the dust & dirt of the day whether I've been outdoors in the mountains or in the city streets. I truly believe we start shining from the inside → out, but we have to make sure our skin lets that light through! Our beautiful faces deserve this TLC after a couple months of harsh sun and outdoor activity! This activated charcoal mask genuinely makes me feel like I'm at the spa, at home! Take a night and join me, put some cucumbers over your eyes, lay down, detox & relax. ♡

PS. this is the first time I haven't picked my nail polish off the day after they've got painted. I got my nails done with shellac and it's been two weeks! I am so so proud to have not even tried to pick it off yet... Also proud of my nails because they've grown already so much in two weeks, it's crazy how that happens! It feels so good, I feel like I am finally treating some parts of me that I have neglected for so long! 

xo, Hallie

Detox Face Mask: COSMEDIX  Robe: Nordstrom Rack (on sale!)


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