October 9, 2017

Fall Smells Like Cinnamon

Fall is my favorite season. It might be because it's always so quick, I never really get to enjoy all the things you can do. You can't really soak it up like you can the summer, or winter for that matter. I am obsessed with the warm tones everywhere and the golden light we find almost all day long. It's a gorgeous time of year. You can literally watch nature change through the leaves and the angle that the sun hits us throughout the day! Fall always catches me by surprise and then leaves with no warning. Although everything has a warm glow, the air gets more crisp and cold. It's a beautiful balance between senses, something I notice I  re-create in my art. 

Right now I'm feeling so much pressure from myself to snap a bunch of photos in the tree-lined streets here in the city. I'm going to make it a point to take more walks this week because it brings me so much bliss. 

Thing that are bringing me  j o y  right now:
hot chai tea
fresh air
little rain showers 
pumpkins and gourds
thick blankets
soft sheets
leaves on the sidewalk
white noise
cinnamon spice
& everything nice.

xo, Hallie

photos: Amanda


Skirt: Nordstrom Rack  Shoes: Seavees


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