October 14, 2017

The Four: Framed

A week goes by pretty quickly these days. 
I journal in lists, it eases my mind. So here's a life update! (in a list!)
  1. Gurmani, Larry, Sarah, and I like to play dress up, go out to brunch, walk around, and take our minds off our to-do lists. I highly recommend doing this once a week. It doesn't take that long and we always have fun doing it. Don't stress for 3 hours, you'll get your homework done, trust me.
  2. I've now tried pilates, cycling, and yoga classes at the gym here!
  3. I went to yoga three times last week and to two cycling classes.
  4. This summer Amanda showed me how to do a forearm/headstand but I couldn't get up. I've been practicing every morning and I can kick myself up into one for a bit now!
  5. My grandpa gave me noise cancelling headphones a while back and I've just gotten into using them. They're so comfortable and a lifesaver for studying... (and watching Netflix!) ;)
  6. I finally crossed something off my to-do list that I've been moving forward each month since May. I now have a Media Kit to send to companies and prospective clients of Hallie Kathryn!
  7. My roommate, Alissa, and I bought tickets to Hawaii for a week during Winter Break! Even though we have a couple months before we go, we can't stop looking up cute Airbnb's, activities to do, food to try, and hikes to go on. It's such a distraction from all our homework! If you have any recommendations, please send them our way!
  8. I've been listening to this meditation series lately and can totally tell a difference. Meditating in the mornings for seven minutes before I get ready sets a really good tone for my day. 
  9. Remind yourself of what you are, not what you aren't. That person you envision yourself to be, you are. "I AM..."
  10. The best things in life happen when you least expect them to. ⤵

From yoga the other night:

"Leave room in your heart for the unexpected." 

xo, Hallie


Kimono: Anthropologie Top: Free People  Pants: Zara (similarShoes: Target  Purse: Kate Spade  Watch: Timex


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