November 20, 2017

Dreams Are Made of This

Alissa, Larry and I rallied last weekend and headed to the Oregon Coast for a couple nights. We had a three day weekend, Larry had just turned 22, and we were all ready for a little getaway to get our minds off our routines. Traveling continues to remind me how much you can get done in a single day. It's incredible. There are so many stories, feelings, places, and new experiences waiting out there. Getting out is essential to my vitality and I am so lucky I have found friends that feel the same way.

I am slowly editing the photos from our adventure and am very excited to share more highlights, where we stayed, and why this place is so special.

We drove straight to Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. We arrived right at sunset. We ran & danced & let our souls free. 
We weren't even cold. We felt alive.

Isn't is crazy how some things just work out, more magnificent than you could have ever imagined?

xo, Hallie


Hallie Dress: Alice & Olivia  Smock: Anthropologie (similar here & here)
Alissa Dress: Socialite


November 19, 2017


flawsome:   adjective   an individual who embraces their "flaws" and knows they are awesome regardless

There is no perfect shape, size, or age. There is you, and you are enough!

Last month I photographed these rad ladies for Vie Activewear! It was full of positive energy, joyful laughs, and empowering compliments. My goal was to create an environment that was full of motion, bouncing energy, and a space void of looking at someone solely from the outside... and it became just that. This motivated and empowered myself in knowing that it's totally possible to have an idea, (it's okay to) ask for help, spread the word, and watch it come to life. People are out there who want to help and support you in any creative endeavors you may have. They'll look up to you for blurting out that seemingly crazy idea in the first place.

This shoot also went to show that nothing in life is wasted. Absolutely nothing. I am a firm believer in this. Last winter I met a blogger in Bellevue to head up to the mountains to photograph her. I had walked by a couple hearts painted on the side of a building. I had tucked this place away in my mind, thinking about it occasionally, trying to conspire a shoot that would take place here. Sure enough, I didn't even have to brainstorm a location when I got this self-love prompt from Vie. I knew exactly where we were going and guess what, there were more hearts than I had expected and absolutely no cars in the parking lot. Funny how things work out like that, huh? ;)

I hope you realize it's most important to love yourself first. 

Video: @larryto
Makeup: @makeupbyalyssar
Hair: @sincerelylauraleigh

xo, Hallie


November 15, 2017

Hold Up, Hawaii x Rosegal

Alissa and I leave in less than a month for Hawaii, it's coming so quickly... finally getting our last reservations locked down and we're freaking estatic. But one thing that's still on our list right now that needs to get sorted out (ASAP) are which bikinis from Rosegal we're going to get! We just drove down to the Oregon Coast for our three day weekend over Veteran's Day. Since we drove, we were able to bring so much and it was all super bulky. Now we have to get in the mindset of warm sand, palm trees, and fresh pineapples!

As far as swimsuits go, I'm deciding between this, this or this pineapple print, this one-piece, either this or this yellow bikini, and possibly this scallop edged suit. This tunic is also calling my name, I feel like it's a must have when heading anywhere tropical... and to top it off, I'm debating whether we'll want these (one & two) flower crowns.

I've never flown or vacationed somewhere tropical just because. This is a very new adventure for me and I'm so excited to watch our travel duo take Oahu! In the meantime, if you have any recommendations to eat, see, or do while on the island, send them our way!

Stay tuned.

xo, Hallie


November 12, 2017

wind, water & waves

Last January, Sarah and I took a day trip to Bainbridge and I showed her where I grew up. My Video Art class this quarter has inspired me in the realm of the moving image. I finally put together this footage and am happy with the outcome, it's a new medium I'm starting to explore and really enjoy! I have always looked for movement in my photography so video seems like a natural progression. Pictured above are a few screenshots of some of my favorite clips from the video. Hope you give it a watch and enjoy!

xo, Hallie

November 10, 2017

Circa 1937

Family is EVERYTHING! My mom and I flew back to the East Coast this last weekend. My Papa Jim is turning 80 years old this month, so we had a little family reunion & celebration. It's so, so important to spend time with relatives, I think so many times we often neglect what we can learn from them and take for granted what we think we already know.

This guy had a lot of air time. He flew planes for a living, practices yoga, enjoys golf, still skies, hikes, and is always encouraging me to take a stressful situation and turn it into something we can joke or laugh about. He never lets the little things get in the way and always asks questions. I feel tremendously lucky to have a Grandpa like him because we have so many interests in common. Papa, as you turn 80 years old, I'm raising a Dove bar in honor of you while I watch the newest episodes of Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune.

xo, Hallie

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