November 19, 2017


flawsome:   adjective   an individual who embraces their "flaws" and knows they are awesome regardless

There is no perfect shape, size, or age. There is you, and you are enough!

Last month I photographed these rad ladies for Vie Activewear! It was full of positive energy, joyful laughs, and empowering compliments. My goal was to create an environment that was full of motion, bouncing energy, and a space void of looking at someone solely from the outside... and it became just that. This motivated and empowered myself in knowing that it's totally possible to have an idea, (it's okay to) ask for help, spread the word, and watch it come to life. People are out there who want to help and support you in any creative endeavors you may have. They'll look up to you for blurting out that seemingly crazy idea in the first place.

This shoot also went to show that nothing in life is wasted. Absolutely nothing. I am a firm believer in this. Last winter I met a blogger in Bellevue to head up to the mountains to photograph her. I had walked by a couple hearts painted on the side of a building. I had tucked this place away in my mind, thinking about it occasionally, trying to conspire a shoot that would take place here. Sure enough, I didn't even have to brainstorm a location when I got this self-love prompt from Vie. I knew exactly where we were going and guess what, there were more hearts than I had expected and absolutely no cars in the parking lot. Funny how things work out like that, huh? ;)

I hope you realize it's most important to love yourself first. 

Video: @larryto
Makeup: @makeupbyalyssar
Hair: @sincerelylauraleigh

xo, Hallie


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