November 10, 2017

Circa 1937

Family is EVERYTHING! My mom and I flew back to the East Coast this last weekend. My Papa Jim is turning 80 years old this month, so we had a little family reunion & celebration. It's so, so important to spend time with relatives, I think so many times we often neglect what we can learn from them and take for granted what we think we already know.

This guy had a lot of air time. He flew planes for a living, practices yoga, enjoys golf, still skies, hikes, and is always encouraging me to take a stressful situation and turn it into something we can joke or laugh about. He never lets the little things get in the way and always asks questions. I feel tremendously lucky to have a Grandpa like him because we have so many interests in common. Papa, as you turn 80 years old, I'm raising a Dove bar in honor of you while I watch the newest episodes of Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune.

xo, Hallie


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