November 7, 2017

Five Things a College Student Wants

There are so many checklists for your dorm and I bet you college students have already looked through a bunch and gotten the essentials...  As we're getting into the midterms & finals, I wanted to let you all in on some (not so secret) must-haves. Here are a couple things that no one tells you about that you're going to want to get your hands on... especially for those upcoming winter, cuddle-up at home, it's cold outside, months.
  1. ☆ Noise Cancelling Headphones : get a pair of Bose or Beats, you definitely won't regret it. Walk around campus listening to your favorite jams, podcasts, or nothing at all. You're going to be watching hours of not just Netflix, but Crash Course videos too. They're also super handy for those long library study sessions when you need to block out the classic clicking of the pen, chewing, or loud gulping at the table next to you.
  2. ☆ These Highlighters trust me, you're going to want all three packs. It's addicting to make lists then cross things off in different colors. They'll make anyone want to journal their heart out. The satisfaction is real.
  3. ☆ Hot Water Heater : think about it: coffee, tea, oatmeal, ramen... pretty much the only appliance we need these days.
  4. ☆ A Thick Blanket : you've seen this blanket before, it is the softest blanket in the world. It's a (dorm) room game changer. It's my blanket, throw, pillow, chair cover, and the perfect decoration. All in one.
  5. ☆ (and just for the ladies) Anything from Aerie's Real Me Collection : thisthese & these will change your lazy day game, you'll win every time you play. And they'll make you want to get dressed for class... the fabric is softer than you can truly imagine.

I've added a section at the top of the blog labeled "College." Not just to organize my mind, but I wanted to have a place for you all to go if you had any questions where everything college-related would be. I get a lot of messages from college students or young girls in general wondering about the little things. I've either been there, figuring it out now, or will be there. Creating community and conversation is what I want to do! We can't always do it alone, and we shouldn't have to. We want to be the ones who lift others, not the one who pushes them down.

"Everyone you meet knows something you don't." -Bill Nye

xo, Hallie

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